Cube3 is a CubeSat club at San Jose State University. Cube3 focuses on teaching new members the various subsystems involved with CubeSats through hands on experience. Members new to CubeSats or firmware development should pursue 7Up Sat. This is geared towards those with minimal to no programming or firmware experience. Members with firmware or CubeSat design experience are encouraged to join the 9-Sat team. The 9-Sat team is more research oriented as it is intended to prototype a suborbital cube satellite.


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Small satellite that fits within a can sized cylinder. This is the recommended project for people new to programming or firmware development. This group overviews the basics of cube/can satellites in order to get a more wholesitic idea of the project. Intended to be launched in conjunction with the Rocketry club on a class 1 or 2 rocket.


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A 3U cube satellite prototype that will house a hyper-spectral imaging camera developed by SJSU grad students. This project will require a lot of research into cube satellites. Many of the parts must be researched then purchased in order to complete the project. Only recommended for those familiar with satellites or strong firmware knowledge.


Aysha Rehman - presidentcube3@gmail.com


Steven Rispoli - treasurercube3@gmail.com

Project Manager

Nathanael Garza - projectscube3@gmail.com


Justin Huang - outreachcube3@gmail.com